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The company integrated management system

One of the strengths of TRS is being the bearer of a vision of environmental protection that puts ethics and social responsibility at the center of its work.
Highly qualified and up-to-date personnel from a regulatory and technical point of view, modern technologies, research, training and constant development allow TRS to always provide innovative and punctual services. The company promotes eco-sustainable development and has introduced an Environmental Management System.

Furthermore, as Official Dealer, TRS carries out the industrial waste collection service on behalf of:
C.O.N.O.U. - National Consortium for the management, collection and treatment of used oils
CO.BAT - Consortium for batteries, spent lead batteries and leaded waste
CON.O.E. - National Consortium for the collection and treatment of used vegetable and animal oils and fats
Consorzio Rilegno - National Consortium for the collection, recovery and recycling of wood packaging.

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